About Dr Tafe

Dr Dennis Tafe was born in Sydney, Australia, where he attended school and university. After completing a science degree and diploma of education he became a high school teacher in outback NSW, where he also played rugby league.

Later, after returning to Sydney University to complete a Master of Science degree in marine science, Dennis worked for CSIRO as a fisheries biologist.

He was then offered a university lecturing post in Tanzania, East Africa.

He published a scientific paper during his 2 year posting and then returned to Australia, where he enrolled as a PhD student at Queensland University. In 1995 he completed his PhD in marine biology and described 14 new species of marine animals from Moreton Bay.Dennis was inspired by the natural beauty of the Bay Islands and decided to run his own adventure trips while still employed by University of Queensland as a part time Tutorial Fellow.

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He also worked as a lecturer in marine biology for TAFE on the Gold Coast and they were amused by his surname. He escorted groups of university students and TAFE college students on marine field trips to various locations throughout Moreton Bay.

Dennis still lectures to university students when he is not running his own adventure tours and educational field tripsto observe the marvels of marine life in the Bay. Dr Tafe has had close encounters with sharks and has swum with dolphins and turtles.

He is an expert in zooplankton taxonomy and also has a general knowledge of all marine life in Australia.

The photos on this web page are from one of Dr Tafe’s SCUBA diving trips. He is not afraid of sharks but has a healthy respect for all of our dangerous marine animals!