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We tutor high school and university students in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and English.  We come to your home for 1-hour tutoring sessions, which only start when we are settled at a suitable table location in your home with your son or daughter.  For students under 18 years of age we need to have a parent or guardian present in the house.

We are fully qualified, with University Degrees, Diploma of Education, Blue Card, Teaching Certificate and years of teaching experience.  Unlike some franchise tutoring we give individual tutoring so that your student receives full, one on one attention and can ask questions without fear of ridicule by other students or teachers.  We also give advice on suitable levels in mathematics, science and English.  We can also give careers guidance, depending on the ability and preferences of your son or daughter.  If you have more than one student that requires tutoring we can either spend 30 minutes with each or oscillate from week to week.  Once you have a regular weekly time slot that time remains yours until you postpone your tutoring sessions for more than four weeks.

The cost is $65 per hour for students from year 7 to year 9 (junior high school) and $70 for students from year 10 to year 12 and 1st year university (seniors).  The cost of travelling to and from your home is included in the price and the time starts when we start the tutoring session.

There is a discount price for blocks of 4 tutorial sessions paid in advance, as shown in the table below.   Blocks of 4 work out at a 7% discount and blocks of 10 work out at a 10% discount.



STUDENT LEVEL                        PRICE / HOUR              PRICE / BLOCK 4         PRICE / BLOCK 10                  

 STUDENTS TO YR 7 - 9             $65 PER HOUR           $240 ($60 X 4)   7.7%     $585 ($650 - 65)  10% off

 STUDENTS YR 10 - 12               $70 PER HOUR           $260 ($65 X 4)   7.2%     $630 ($700 - 70)  10% off

 STUDENTS  UNIVERSITY          $70 PER HOUR           $260 ($65 X 4)   7.2%     $630 ($700 - 70)  10% off


 Price includes transport to and from your home at a time convenient to you.

Minimum time per session – 1 hour     Maximum time per session – 2 hours

We will be away on a Kenyan Wildlife Safari from 20 September to 15 October 2013


Bank details are:   Bank: CBA     Branch: Victoria Point    Business Transaction Account

Account Name: Dr Tafe Safaris       BSB No.: 064 149      Acct No.: 1010 2460

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